Navigating Career-Life Choices Through Divorce

By Edward Anthony Colozzi, Ed.D. | Aug 1 2017

Do people experiencing a divorce differ from their counterparts who seek career-life counseling and are not going through a divorce?


Getting a Mortgage Post-Divorce

By Renee W. Senes, CDFA, Senes and Chwalek Financial Advisors | Mar 15 2018

Many of our clients find themselves needing to obtain a mortgage either to refinance their existing home or to purchase a new home. Hopefully this is something you have considered in the division of your assets and already planned for.

General Info

Important Considerations When Facing Divorce

By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Esq. | Feb 14 2018

February is Divorce Month. Since it is such an important Decision, I have put together this post on important considerations.


Mediation Works When You Take the Time to Nurture Your Divorce

By Jody Comins, Divorce & Family Mediator | Apr 18 2018

It may seem ironic that you would "nurture" a divorce, but mediation works best when both parties take the time to communicate with each other.


Holiday Time, Divorce Time? Remember...

By Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Esq. | Feb 1 2018

What's in the best interest of the children?

Same-Sex Divorce

Why Do I Have To Adopt My Own Children?

By Joyce Kauffman, Esq.,Kauffman Law & Mediation | Dec 18 2017

If you divorce, you do not want your spouse to try to argue that you are not a legal parent to your children. If you are not considered a legal parent, your relationships with your children will not be protected by the court.