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More than one of every two marriages ends in divorce and most divorces are unnecessarily bitter. A bitter divorce is a tragedy which affects a greater number of people in the United States than any other, be it earthquake, fire, drugs, or even poverty.

Divorce is terrifying under the best of circumstances.

It can produce anger and sadness so overriding that it can take control of people's lives and govern their actions. Angry or frightened people can do things that make divorce unnecessarily contentious causing unnecessary trauma to those involved, especially the children.

Since 1983, The Divorce Center, Inc. a 501c (3) not-for-profit organization has been providing the critical information and assistance that people need before, during and after the divorce process, and to help them make decisions that are best for themselves and for their children. Our organization seeks to assist families going through divorce with ongoing monthly workshops in several locations as well as providing court-mandated parenting classes to those whose children are under the age of 18 years. We also provide professional development events with current topics to keep our professionals aware of the ongoing needs of their clients.

Your tax-deductible donation helps fund:

  • Public Education Programs focused on the numerous legal, financial and psychological aspects of divorce.
  • Professional Development Programs related to divorce and the needs of divorcing clients.
  • Positive Parenting Programs after the court mandated program addressing the needs of single parents, blended families, co-parenting, grand-parenting, substance and drug abuse.

Help us to Improve the Divorce Process and its Impact on the Family

Couples break up, but families don't have to..........

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