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Agreement Resources, LLC has been providing divorce mediation services since 2004 (offering both solo and co-mediation). We understand how difficult the divorce process can be and specialize in Making Hard Conversations Easier.™

Our divorce mediators help you to:

* Identify the topics you need to discuss in order to navigate the divorce process.
* Consider and discuss your goals, needs, interests and options.
* Have productive conversations to:

1. Divide assets and liabilities,
2. Build a durable parenting plan,
3. Consider spousal and/or child support,
4. Identify how to maintain health insurance, and
5. Discuss tax topics related to your divorce.

At the end of the process, we prepare a clear and comprehensive document reflecting the decisions you and your spouse have reached.

Our mediators focus on ensuring that each of you is heard and understood. We help you gain clarity on what is important to you, so that together you can craft your own workable solutions, customized to your needs and informed by Massachusetts guidelines. And since spouses sometimes move at different paces when making decisions regarding divorce, we help create a process and timeframe that is comfortable for each of you.

Our Team
Each of our panel members provides divorce, post-divorce, and marital mediation, as well as co-parenting mediation for never-married parents. We also provide elder (adult family) mediation through Elder Decisions® - a division of Agreement Resources, LLC. All of our panel members have written extensively about conflict resolution and mediation. Please see details and full bios on our website. In addition:

Crystal Thorpeis co-founder and principal of Agreement Resources LLC and has served on the Board of Directors on the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

Halee Burg is a regular presenter at the Divorce Center's "Divorce Matters for You" workshops; she was a practicing attorney before choosing to focus solely on mediation.

Arline Kardasis is a co-founder of Agreement Resources LLC and has served on the Board of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (NEACR) and in leadership roles with ACR (International).

Rikk Larsenis a co-founder of Elder Decisions®, and is a former Family and Probate Court case coordinator for the Harvard Mediation Program.

Agreement Resources, LLC is approved to receive referrals from the Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Suffolk Divisions of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Department, although a referral from the courts is not required to seek services.

Mediation sessions are available in Norwood, Natick, and Marlborough. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.