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William S. Young, Esq.


47 Tyndale St.
PO Box 155
Roslindale Massachusetts 02131






Attorney William S. Young, is the founder of WSY Law PLLC in Boston; his legal practice concentrates on the drafting court orders (DROs, QDROs, COAPs) for the division of retirement assets in divorce. He drafts division orders for participants in federal, state and local government plans and for university, union, and private-sector plans.

Attorney Young often works as a neutral, jointly hired by both parties to a divorce. He occasionally works for only one party or on behalf of a Special Master to the court. Divorce attorneys often consult with him on the language for division of retirement assets in settlement agreements.

Attorney Young earned his J.D. from The George Washington University Law School and completed mediation training in conformity with Rule 8 and the Massachusetts confidentiality statute.