Public Membership

Qualifications Required

No specific qualifications are required to join, only a desire to learn more about how our organization can help you through your divorce and the impact it has on your family. We are a diverse volunteer membership that includes attorneys, judges, mediators, psychologists, mental health experts, financial experts, career counselors and divorce or life coaches. We are professionals who are experts in our chosen fields and dedicated to helping you and your family survive this with as little trauma as possible.

Benefits of Membership

By joining our membership, you will be notified via email of ongoing events, new website content, new blogs, dates of workshops and/or classes and be able to suggest what interests, concerns or issues you might want to see our organization address.

How do I Apply for Membership?

SImply fill out our the application form for Public Membership. That's it! We will add you to our mailing list of public memberships and you will begin receiving emails in the near future.