Monthly Seminars Calendar

February 19, 2020

Separated Parents (Part 2)

*Child Support, Alimony, Health and Life Insurance
*The Marital Home - sell or buy out spouse: refinancing
*Planning for college
*Budgeting with less money
*Finding employment

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March 18, 2020

Divorce by Agreement v. Normal Court Process

*What is merger v. survival?
*What is a QDRO?
*Pension division
*Pre Nuptial, cohabitation and divorce settlement agreements

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April 2020

Legal Representation Options

*What is Discovery?
*Mediation, Collaborative Law, normal court process
*Proceeding Pro Se. Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

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May 2020

What will Happen to the Property/Assets

*Refinancing the Marital Home
*Professional practice valuation: Family business valuation
*Inheritance: expected v. vested

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June 2020

The Realities of Going to Court: A View from the Bench

*Probation officers, court mediators, judges
*Contested v. Non-contested track

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